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coreanocoreanocoreano The Skin Surgery Centers are located in St. Augustine and Palatka Fl. They were founded in 1992 by E. Craig Raby MD, FACS. who is the Medical Director. Dr. Raby is a board certified Head and Neck /Facial Plastic Surgery. The first part of his career was spent performing major Head & Neck and Facial Plastic Surgery. He performed many procedures for Cancer of Head and Neck and cosmetic facial surgery, including chemical peels, face lifts,dermabrasion, reconstructive ear and nasal surgery, along with skin cancer surgeries with reconstruction.

In 1992 he changed the focus of his practice to surgery of skin tumors, reconstruction of the surgical areas, cosmetic dermatologic surgery, chemical peels, botox therapy, injectable fillers (Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane, Perlane, Prevelle Silk) and micro-dermabrasion.

As the Internet was evolving,  Dr. Raby was one of early pioneers in online skincare product sales which lead to the founding of  BeautiCreams, Inc., (  BeautiCreams begain by selling the early formulations of AHA(glyolic acid) products, but as the field of cosmoceuticals expanded with new products based on newer AHA therapies with nano delivery systems ,Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Vitamin A , Niacin , growth hormones , copper-peptide therapy , botanicals products , powerful new antioxidants , with more in process of evaluation. Added to this a full line of Mineral Makeup by Jane Iredale , Colorescience and GloMinerals.

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